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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Self-Service Business Intelligence Using Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query, and Power Map

Understanding your company's data has never been easier than with Microsoft's new Power BI package for Excel 2013. Consisting of four powerful tools - Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query and Power Maps - Power BI makes self-service business intelligence a reality for a wide range of users, bridging the traditional gap between Excel users, business analysts and IT experts and making it easier for everyone to work together to build the data models that can give you game-changing insights into your business. Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013 guides you step by step through the process of analyzing and visualizing your data. Daniel R. Clark, an expert in BI training and a regular speaker on these topics, takes you through each tool in turn, using hands-on activities to consolidate what you've learned in each chapter.

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